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Sync Your Ceiling Fans

Hunter ceiling fans have always been more than simple appliances, and that holds especially true for our smart ceiling fans. All you need to do is sync your SIMPLEconnect ceiling fan with a smart device like a tablet or smartphone, and then connect to Wi-Fi. After that, you have complete control over your fan from the palm of your hand.

Smarter Comfort

No need to worry about coming back to a house that’s too hot or too cold. With our smart ceiling fans, you can schedule your fans to turn on at specific times, no matter where you are. So, before leaving the office, you can remotely turn on your ceiling fan to ensure that your home will be cool and comfortable when you arrive.

Smart and Eco-Friendly

Smart home ceiling fans can also be programmed to run for a set period of time. This means you can turn the fan on for a while to cool a room without worrying about forgetting to turn it off. As a result, you can quickly start saving on your energy bills and contribute to helping the environment.

Smart and Safe

You probably never thought of your ceiling fan as a home security feature, but your Hunter smart fan will change your mind. No more stumbling or bumping into things when entering a dark room. Your ceiling fan’s sensors can detect when you’re nearby and automatically turn on the lights to help you find your way.

When you go on vacation, you don’t need to worry about leaving your home unattended. Vacant houses are susceptible to burglaries, but with a smart fan, you can relax and enjoy your time off. Deter potential thieves by having your ceiling fan lights turn on at specific times of the day to give the impression that someone is home, even when you’re away.

Hunter ceiling fans were designed to impress. With smart home technology, your new Hunter fan will be an instant conversation starter. Discover today how our line of smart ceiling fans can make your home safer, more eco-friendly, and more comfortable.

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