How Can Warranty Service Be Obtained?

Take your Fan to the distributor or store where it was purchased, presenting the warranty policy duly stamped by the establishment and the purchase invoice stating the specific data of the product you purchased. The authorized distributor will verify the operating conditions, to determine if any change of part applies, or if it should be replaced by a new one. The guarantee will be valid only and exclusively for items purchased through distributors or stores authorized by Hunter Fan Company.


Parts and Components – Valid for 1 year from the Purchase Date

The warranty covers all the parts and components of the product, including electronic controls such as transmitters, remote control receivers, and capacitors, against any manufacturing defect and malfunction. Hunter will replace any defective part or component at no additional cost.


Motor – Hunter Fan® and CASABLANCA Brand Ceiling Fans: Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Hunter Fan Company offers a lifetime warranty on the fan motor of the Hunter Fan and Casablanca Fan line, provided that the ceiling fans have been installed in accordance with the instructions in the owner’s manual, and in a location appropriate to the characteristics and design of the fan.


Motor – Revolutions® brand Ceiling Fans: 5-year warranty.

In the case of Revolutions® brand ceiling fans, the motor warranty will be five (5) years from the date of purchase of the fan, provided that the ceiling fans have been installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. owner’s manual, and in a place appropriate to the characteristics and design of the fan itself.


Exceptions to the guarantee:

This Guarantee will not be valid when:

a) the product has been used under conditions other than normal.
b) A fan for indoor use has been installed in outdoor areas.
c) the product has not been operated in accordance with the accompanying instructions for use.
d) the product has been altered or repaired by persons not authorized by Hunter, the respective authorized responsible importer or marketer.
e) the fan is not installed correctly.
f) there is accidental damage caused by the owner of the fan or other parties.
g) the fan is exposed to a voltage not suitable for the fan or due to power surges.
h) there has been poor maintenance.
i) non-original parts have been used.
j) the accessories have been misused.


Technical Advice, Spare Parts and/or Accessories.

Spare parts, components, consumables and accessories or technical advice can be requested through our authorized distributors in the country where the fan was purchased.


What other things are not covered by this warranty.

This Warranty does not cover the cost of labor associated (including electricians) with the installation, removal, replacement of fan, or replacement of any part of the fan.

This warranty also does not cover remote control batteries, fans owned by other than the original purchaser, fans for which proof of purchase cannot be established, purchases from an unauthorized dealer, repaired or refurbished fans.


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